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xenia braosDear friends and customers of Hotel Xenia, we would like to inform you that our company has been prepared to operate the following season with all the appropriate....for the protection and safety of our customers and employees as well.

We are at the uncoveniant position to inform you that the owner of the hotel, Giannis Braos, is not any more with us. After a sudden and serious incident with his heart Giannis passed away on January 8, 2021.
The work Giannis left behind him is an ornament for the local community and respesenting his love and his long-term effort to combine contemporary development with traditional values.
All of us who worked with Giannis we believe at the same values and we are obligated to support and continue his work.

From now on, the management of XENIAS hotel will be operated by members of his family with respect to the same principles and hospitality.
 The operational work of Xenia will be carried out by George, the man who knows better than any other the daily necessities to keep our customers huppy. Your  as in previous years to be the responsibility of George that you all know from your previous visits and which relevant communication for reservations and availability will be with George as all the previous years.
We promise that we will make every effort to provide equal as before and even better services to our customers, our friends, We hope that the coming days will be safer and carefree and we hope to see you soon.

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