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Vrissi Beach

The small and hidden beach of Chora Sfakion.

There is a lot to see and do around Chora Sfakion and as far as beaches are concerned there are certainly plenty of places to go. But some days you might just be a bit too tired. Or perhaps you want to kick back, laze around, spend the day sunbathing and the evening lounging at your balcony without having to run around, drive or catch buses.

For days like these, Vrissi beach in Sfakia is there to cover for you. Just a couple hundred metres west of the village puts it within walking distance of everything in the area and your tavern or cafeteria is waiting just above its rocks as soon as you are done with your swim. It has clean and clear water, a great view and is as accessible as it gets. You will not find a more convenient place to swim or sunbathe at in your trip.

The beach

Like many beaches in south Crete, Vrissi beach in Sfakia is mostly pebbly, with small, smooth rocks paving it. It is located in a small cove, with the church of Saint George overlooking it, right next to Chora Sfakion. It is thus easily accessible on foot from the village. It also has parking spots nearby if you are coming through the village by car.

Despite being located so close to Sfakia’s harbor, Vrissi is very clean and clear. Although exposed to the open sea, it is also typically calm, the wind and currents rarely affecting it most of the year. The water is cool and pleasant with a rocky bottom that quickly drops into the depths, so do not get too far if you are not confident in your swimming ability.

Umbrellas and showers are on offer and there are beach bars nearby, so you will not need for amenities. Be mindful of crowds, however. The beach is small and quite popular.  There might be days and times when finding a place to sit and relax is difficult.

Things to do around Vrissi

As mentioned, Vrissi beach is the place to visit when you are spending your day in Sfakia. Perhaps you are taking a day off from your travels to rest, enjoy the comforts of your room and look around the village. Or maybe you are exploring south Crete and are passing by Chora Sfakion. Either way, a dip is always a good idea in the hot greek summer.

So combine your tour of the village and your relaxation with a nice dip. Walk the streets, take a look at the places of interest, pick up a souvenir, then get down to the beach for a swim. Visit one of the many nearby taverns and restaurants afterwards to enjoy a delicious meal and the flavors of the local cuisine. Cap off your day with a nice afternoon stroll, sit down, order a coffee and bask in the view of the sea and mountains.

Just make sure you are ready to put up with other people. You will be at a small beach right next to the village, so it might get crowded. If you want to have the sea all to yourself, you are probably better off looking elsewhere.

Beaches near Vrissi

By now, you have probably realized that, while Vrissi beach is a great place to swim at, it will not be ideal to do so every day. But worry not. If it gets too noisy or you are feeling more adventurous, there are many other options to try in the area.

Iligas is very close, less than 2km to the west, and one of the best beaches you can find on the island. At a similar distance to the east is Ammoudi with its caves and seals. Both of them are accessible by car, or you can just walk there if you do not mind the sun. And if you are up for a bit of trekking or sailing, Glyka Nera, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Europe, can be an incredible experience.

So take your pick, but always remember. If you just want a relaxing day, as befits any vacation, Vrissi is there for you.

South Crete might be for the adventurer and the nature lover, but even the most energetic and enthusiastic traveler can use a break and some time off. When the mood hits and some well-deserved rest is in the cards, take your time enjoying the village and swimming at Vrissi. It will make your day.

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